Quality and Environmental Policy

The Management of Gaviota Simbac Spa, a company specialized in the production and distribution of pipes as well as the distribution of accessories and systems for awnings and blinds, panoramic glass, focuses its Quality Management System as a way to organize its corporate life, based on fundamental pillars such as the quality of its services, continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, Customer Satisfaction, analysis of the context, and risk management.

To this end, and in line with the company’s guidelines aimed at achieving an effective and efficient organization capable of meeting the needs of the stakeholders involved, our company has adopted, maintains, and seeks continuous improvement of its Quality Management System for work processes, enabling us to:

  • Identify and monitor current and future needs and meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders;
  • Maintain and continuously improve a Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards in their latest applicable versions and this Quality Policy, aimed at achieving uniformity of criteria at all company levels and standardization in the execution of services provided;
  • Identify and monitor potential business risks as well as development and improvement opportunities;
  • Promote the increasing participation of all staff in all Company objectives, ethics in its actions, and motivation of its collaborators, implementing a policy of internal communication at all levels and ensuring that it is understood, implemented, and maintained by all parties involved;
  • Ensure:
    • continuous training to all internal and external collaborators according to their specific tasks;
    • daily research to improve the management tool adopted in order to effectively achieve such involvement and contribute to the improvement of the product and service requested;
    • that ideas and improvement proposals are favored at all times during these activities, as well as during any work moment;
    • that starting from the needs of the Client and from those of the market, an annual Business Improvement Plan can be defined, also with a view to reducing environmental impacts, specifying the company and individual objectives that each Manager, based on the indications and within their competencies, develops and completes.

The Management also considers it of fundamental importance to guarantee:

  • attention to the enhancement and involvement of personnel, for a wide use of current and potential capacities;
  • that business decisions are made on the timely analysis of reliable data and continuous monitoring of the analysis of the company context as well as potential business risks and/or opportunities;
  • flexibility to customer and stakeholder requests;
  • precise and punctual technical assistance regarding sector novelties and the latest and innovative application technologies;
  • continuous research and constant selection allowing to offer maximum safety in the choice, thanks to high-quality standards, variety of range, and product reliability;
  • availability of highly trained personnel characterized by correct ethical behavior;
  • development of skills and constant training to all internal and external collaborators according to their specific tasks;
  • broader and more frequent involvement of all internal and external collaborators as a fundamental prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the organization and the service;
  • constant attention and prevention towards the protection of health and professional diseases as well as towards the safety of its workers and collaborators;
  • environmental protection and pollution prevention;
  • commitment to compliance with applicable regulations and requirements of customers;
  • attention to the prevention of emergency situations and readiness to respond to them, through emergency management simulations;
  • awareness that waste reduction and continuous improvement of processes and raw materials are essential to remain competitive;
  • establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;
  • involvement of third-party suppliers for environmental protection and compliance with safety and health in the workplace.

Compliance with this policy and the objectives set to meet it are developed as part of our expectations of economic growth, leadership, and benefit to our customers.

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