Pergolas for restaurants: creating welcoming spaces for customers

Jun 11, 2024 | Blog, Pergolas

In the world of catering, the importance of offering a unique and pleasant experience to customers is fundamental. Pergolas for restaurants represent an ideal solution to transform the outdoor spaces of establishments into welcoming and versatile areas, capable of attracting and retaining clientele.

These elegant structures not only enhance the aesthetics of the establishment but also offer numerous practical benefits. A well-designed outdoor area, covered by a pergola, allows for optimal use of outdoor spaces, ensuring comfort and protection from the elements, and creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Investing in a pergola means enhancing your restaurant, improving the customer experience, and increasing the capacity to host outdoor events and dinners, regardless of weather conditions.

Pergolas for Restaurants

Pergolas are open architectural structures, often made of wood, metal, or aluminum, used to create covered yet ventilated outdoor spaces. In restaurants, pergolas serve to create welcoming and protected areas where customers can eat and relax outdoors, enjoying a pleasant atmosphere in any weather condition.

Restaurant pergolas can vary greatly in terms of design, materials, and functionality. They can be equipped with retractable covers, side curtains, integrated lights, and heating systems, making them adaptable to different seasons and customer preferences. These structures can be freestanding, like the Gemini pergola from Gaviota with a supporting structure featuring two awnings, or attached to the main building, like Clima Rain, a pergola with a retractable PVC cover, depending on space requirements and restaurant layout.

Why Choose a Pergola for Restaurants

Pergolas are valid outdoor structures for restaurants that beautify, make the outdoor spaces more functional, and enhance the establishment’s appeal.

First of all, pergolas allow restaurants to make the most of outdoor areas, increasing seating capacity without the need to expand the indoor space. This is particularly advantageous during peak periods, such as the summer season or special events, allowing more customers to be accommodated and increasing revenue.

Additionally, pergolas add a touch of elegance to the restaurant’s outdoor spaces. These structures offer a pleasant and relaxing environment, perfect for outdoor dining. With the addition of decorative lights, climbing plants, and comfortable furnishings, a pergola can transform an outdoor area into an enchanting place where customers love to return, even for special occasions like weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Which Pergola to Choose for a Restaurant

There are different pergola models that adapt to the specific needs and spaces of each restaurant. Generally, there are three categories to choose from: bioclimatic pergolas, flat-roof pergolas, and sloped-roof pergolas.

Bioclimatic pergolas are a good option for restaurants that want to create an outdoor space usable year-round. These pergolas are equipped with adjustable slats that allow control over light and ventilation, making them perfect for restaurants located in areas with variable climates, where precise microclimate control allows for maximum use of outdoor spaces.

Models like Gaviota’s Climatika allow for slat adjustments from 0° to 135°, and they can also be equipped with perimeter closures with panoramic glass walls, vertical blinds, and sunshades.

Flat-roof pergolas, on the other hand, are ideal for restaurants that desire a minimalist and modern design. These structures provide protective shade and seamlessly integrate with existing architecture, creating an elegant and contemporary look. The simplicity of the design makes them suitable for any context, whether urban or rural.

In many cases, flat-roof pergola models feature a retractable PVC cover, making this type of pergola even more flexible, like Gaviota’s Pergo Arco Portico.

Finally, sloped-roof pergolas are designed to facilitate rainwater runoff, combining aesthetics and functionality. This design is particularly useful in areas with frequent rainfall, ensuring that the area underneath remains dry and usable even during rain. Sloped-roof pergolas offer excellent protection from the elements and are available in various materials and styles.

Some restaurant pergola models allow for angle adjustment, enabling the structure to be configured in either a horizontal or inclined position, as seen with Gaviota’s Zen pergola.

Agriturismo La Camilla di Concorezzo with Our Pergolas

In the heart of Brianza, we have installed our Gaviota pergolas at Agriturismo La Camilla. This enchanting place, which combines tradition and modernity, was chosen as the ideal backdrop for some of our installations, blending perfectly with the environment, combining functionality and aesthetics to enhance the beauty of this charming location.

We installed:

  • Pergo Clima S corten color, size 450×750 cm, 50% LED, white light, opatex pro fabric
  • Pergo Clima S corten color, size 900×450 cm, 50% LED, white light, opatex pro fabric
  • Climatika corten color, size 400×400 cm, perpendicular slats, white perimeter LED