Climatika Plus: The Ideal Bioclimatic Pergola for Your Business

May 13, 2024 | News


Discover the Climatika Plus, the bioclimatic pergola that combines innovative design and advanced functionality to provide protection from the sun and weather, and maximum comfort. Let’s explore together the unique features of this large structure, perfect for your business.


Impressive Design and Dimensions

The Climatika Plus stands out for its modern design and impressive dimensions. Thanks to the central beam and the four pillars measuring just 160 x 160 mm, this bioclimatic pergola reaches large dimensions, offering ample covered spaces for your customers or guests.

Total Protection from the Weather

With the ability to adjust the blades from 0º to 135º, the Climatika Plus provides protection from the weather in any atmospheric condition. The insulated and motorized blades allow air to circulate and regulate the temperature, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment at all times.

Integrated Lighting for a Unique Atmosphere

The integrated LED strips in the perimeter of the structure and in the blades offer customizable lighting, with the option to choose between RGB light or dimmable white light. Moreover, the integrated LED spotlights in the blades create a unique and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for setting the ideal ambiance in your outdoor space.


The Climatika Plus is the ideal choice for your business, offering not only protection from the weather but also comfort and a unique atmosphere. With its impressive design and advanced features, this bioclimatic pergola stands out as the perfect solution to transform your outdoor space into a cozy and inviting environment for your home, restaurant, bar or hotel.

Discover the Climatika Plus today and take your outdoor area to the next level.


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