With over half a century of experience in the world of awnings and pergolas, we have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects that reflect our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our most significant achievements mirror our passion and dedication to the world of outdoor design.

Be inspired by Gaviota Group

Precision, elegance, sustainability, and innovation define the Gaviota style.
Each achievement is the result of careful planning and deep knowledge of materials and installation techniques. Our installations demonstrate how versatility and elegance can go hand in hand

Farmhouse La Camilla Concorezzo


In the heart of Brianza, immersed in tranquility and nature, Agriturismo La Camilla represents a true oasis of peace.

This charming place, which blends tradition and modernity, has been chosen as the perfect setting for some of our achievements.

The Gaviota installations seamlessly integrate with the environment, combining functionality and aesthetics to enhance the beauty of this corner of paradise.

We have used:

  • Pergo Clima S in corten color, wall-mounted, measuring 450×750 cm, 50% LED, white light, Opatex Pro fabric.
  • Pergo Clima S in corten color, wall-mounted, measuring 900×450 cm, 50% LED, white light, Opatex Pro fabric.
  • Climatika in corten color, freestanding, measuring 400×400 cm, perpendicular blades, perimeter white LED

Monastrell Restaurant


Located in a privileged position in Alicante, Monastrell Restaurant is a celebration of fine dining and elegance.

Known for their refined cuisine and impeccable service, they have chosen Gaviota solutions to further enhance their guests’ experience.

Our installations represent a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality, making every meal an unforgettable moment in the shade of our pergolas.

We have used:

  • A single freestanding unit, white color, measuring 420×600 cm, with 8 LED spotlights.
  • A double freestanding unit, white color, with ZOE glass perimeter closures, measuring 840×600 cm, with 8 LED spotlights.

Restaurant La Vaquería



La Vaquería restaurant in Alicante boasts a delightful outdoor area signed by Gaviota, featuring the sophisticated Climatika Plus bioclimatic pergola.

Thanks to this innovative solution, the outdoor area transforms into an ideal location for unforgettable summer evenings.

We have used:

  • A double module, with LED lights and dimensions of 700 x 600 cm

Private House



Construction of a Bioclimatic Pergola in a Private Residence in Brianza, offering a new perspective for living and enjoying the garden in the company of family and friends.

We have used:

  • A single freestanding module with insulated blades, white TXT color, measuring 500×350 cm and perimeter LED lighting.

Restaurant La Rana



The restaurant boasts an enchanting atmosphere thanks to the presence of glass panels arranged under an elegant pergola.

The transparent glass panels offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, allowing guests to enjoy nature while being indoors. Natural light filters through the glass during the day, creating plays of shadows and reflections on the set tables, while in the evening, artificial lighting contributes to a romantic atmosphere.

The panels can be opened to promote ventilation or closed to protect against the elements. This combination of glass, pergola, and nature creates a unique gastronomic experience, combining the beauty of greenery with culinary pleasure.

We have used:

  • Freestanding Climatika, Corten color,
  • ZOE glass perimeter closures.

Hotel Porto Cristo



The outdoor area of this 4-star hotel between Valencia and Barcelona, overlooking the promenade, is enhanced by elegant bioclimatic pergolas by Gaviota. These modern structures feature adjustable slats to control light and ventilation. During the day, they provide shade and thermal comfort, while at sunset, they allow you to enjoy the sea breeze and the view of the sea. Made with high-quality materials, the pergolas integrate contemporary design and resistance to coastal conditions. The built-in lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere in the evening. Overall, the bioclimatic pergolas contribute to creating a luxurious and functional environment for an extraordinary gastronomic experience with panoramic sea views.


We have used:

  • Self-supporting Climatika Plus, white color.
  • Horizontal white aluminum sunscreens.